The Thrill of the Sale

Well, we made two sales this week and somehow it seems like we won a prize. Woo Hoo!! Hopefully we’ll get that same feeling even when we are having trouble keeping up with the sales.

Sorta Green Buttons sold two sets to one customer.










And Sorta Green Stuff sold some old records. 

One interesting though unimportant note was that the buyers were on opposite coasts. One in New York and the other in California. Wow, we’re national distributors!

Owning and operating your own business should be fun. When it is no longer fun it is time to move on to something else. We have a friend who is a brilliant musician and used to really enjoy playing the keyboard. But he ran a recording studio for many years and for years afterword played only rarely. He simply got burned out on something he loved. In recent years he has found a way to rekindle his joy through teaching others.

The old adage that says “Find a way to get paid for doing something you love and you’ll never work another day in your life” only goes so far. You have to remember to take joy in what you do every day as well as to take time out for other things. I love ice cream but if that was all I ever ate even I would eventually get tired of it.

Part of the remedy for us is that we currently have several things that we are working with and hope to add more in the future. Paula really enjoys working on her sewing projects and dreaming up new ones, I really enjoy trying to find new things to turn into buttons or new ways of using old materials. We both enjoy sorting through our “stuff” finding things we think someone else might like to have. (and would be willing to pay for. 🙂 )We are preparing to branch out into the craft supply business, and other ideas are brewing.

But even with that we have to be careful not to spread ourselves too thin. If you get too many things going you will not excel at any of them and most of them will be mediocre at best. One of the keys to happiness as a business owner is to concentrate on a few things you really enjoy while not neglecting the other areas of your life. I have seen too many people over the years who are very successful in business while the rest of their lives are a mess.

We have to keep our priorities straight. Running a successful business is an acceptable goal but family and friends are much more important.


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