Why Sorta Green?

Shoovey Hugging a Tree in My Favorite Skort Outfit

Twenty years ago I might have called myself VERY green.  I was a bit of a tree hugger and quite obsessed with saving mother earth.  I felt quite guilty for using resources of any sort.  It killed me to throw away anything that might be of use within the next 100 years and I thought everyone should take cold showers and walk or bike wherever they went.  While in college I studied environmental engineering in hopes of making a meaningful contribution to the whole environmental movement.  Also, while in college I got saved, yes the real come-to-Jesus, surrender-my-life sort of “saved”.  I no longer worshiped the earth but the one true God.  In doing so I eventually became more balanced in my approach to the environment.  While I did learn that God wanted us to be good stewards of the world that He blessed us with, I also learned that we were made in God’s image and that He’d made it for us to use and enjoy.  People are ultimately more important than the planet.

The name Sorta Green came to me when pondering the fact that our products have a “green” eco-friendly aspect to them, but ultimately our goal is not to save mother earth but to glorify God.  Todd’s buttons are much more natural than those  found in stores but he does use electricity when he fires the ceramics and when he drills holes in the rocks or shells.  When making my skort outfits I start with second-hand shirts and shorts.  Because I choose those in the best condition, I’m not likely saving them from a landfill, but by buying second-hand I’m not adding to the demand for new factory made items either.

Our lifestyle is  “sorta green” as well.  While we are not “off grid”, we live in a fairly small house which minimizes energy waste, we burn wood to heat, have a small organic garden, and bike when possible for transportation.  We support local merchants with weekly purchases and only make bigger shopping trips to bigger merchants every three  months or so.  We use cloth diapers, we compost food scraps,  and burn paper waste in order to minimize trips to the dump.  At the same time we enjoy life and enjoy the bounty that the Lord has blessed us with without guilt.

Another final twist to the Sorta Green name that I only thought of recently is the fact that we are “sorta green” (very green is probably more appropriate at this time) when it comes to trying to establish a small home business.  Prior to this we’d never set up a shop online and we’d never created a blog.  We’re having fun as we continue to climb the steep learning curve in this realm but hopefully one day we won’t be quite so green at least in this sense.


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