The Birth of Sorta Green Buttons

In November of 2010 Todd fell off a roof while on a construction job.  The fall (actually the landing 🙂 ) broke his left wrist and fractured two vertebrae in his lower back.  We praise the Lord that there was no damage to his spinal cord. His parents invited us to stay with them in Florida while he recovered.  During this time, once he was able to get around better, he began making ceramic buttons.  He’d been wanting to try something like this ever since we saw some in a yarn shop in Wisconsin on one of our trips north to visit my family. 

When he was growing up his mother and grandmother took up ceramics as a hobby so he revisited some of the skills that he learned back then.  After his father retired from the Air Force his parents  ran a ceramic shop for several years and his parents still have one of the kilns from the shop and several shelves of molds.  His mother of course helped to refresh his memory regarding the ins and outs of the process.

Ria "helping" Daddy make buttons

While he started out using molds that his mom already had, he branched out into using jello cutters found at a yard sale, plastic toys from the children’s stash, and other objects that could be turned into molds or cutters. The kids really enjoyed trying to find things for daddy to cut the clay with and even made buttons with their play-doe.

Tevya using a large plastic button to make play-doe buttons

He also began drilling holes in pretty shell fragments and rocks that he found on the beach.  His favorite is made from a large piece of brain coral.

Teeny, Tevya and Ria "helping daddy sort shells

Once we returned to Tennessee he set up a shop on Etsy on March 28, 2011.

The banner for Todd's Etsy shop

He has high hopes that this venture will prove profitable as he finds the process quite enjoyable and rewarding and he is always trying to find new things to turn into buttons. All of his buttons have much more personality than your average store-bought button as well as a lot more heart and effort behind them.  We encourage you to check them out.


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